We offer workforce training and employment. 


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What can OUI do for you?

Opportunities Unlimited, Inc. partners with Idaho and Washington Vocational Rehabilitation in order to provide job training and employment opportunities to people with physical, mental health, or developmental disabilities and/or disadvantages.  Together with generous help from local businesses, we are able to place people in positions throughout the community, where they are able to earn a paycheck and maintain their independence. 

Some people are unable to maintain employment in other parts of our community. Our Work Skills Training Center provides an environment for those who have the need to develop skills that will allow successful employment in the future.

When you work with our Works Skills Training Center as a business, we can help you complete projects that otherwise would be costly to you. We are able to assemble, inspect, sort, count, package, and dissemble among other tasks that allow us to complete projects for community partners such as Clearwater Paper, Blue Ribbon Linen Supply, CCI – Speer, and others. Please feel free to reach out to us and see if we can assist your business. We love our COMMUNITY PARTNERS.

Quality Service

We have a unique opportunity to focus on the quality of work by focusing on the strengths of the individuals in our program. You can be assured that when you work with our Work Skills Training Center, you’re in good hands. And the end result is Quality!

Our Workforce

Our Work Skills Training Center is made up of adults with disabilities including physical, intellectual, and emotional. Despite different abilities- our workforce is full of enthusiasm, willingness, and drive to come back every day ready to work and excited to serve their community.



We offer programs for both children and adults with disabilities