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Vocational Services

Vocational services are provided to increase levels of independent functioning, vocational skills, and earned income in order to decrease their reliance upon public and private support.

Community Supported Employment

Community Supported Employment (CSE) is paid employment with community employers for individuals who are not likely to earn minimum wage or above without special training or assistance. This program also provides assistance with training on the job through provision of a job coach who works one-on-one with the trainee as needed to learn the job and/or resolve any issues that would have a detrimental effect on their employment. This program also allows for long-term intensive support as needed to aid in maintaining employment.

An individual’s disability is documented through Medical, Social, and/or Psychological testing and final eligibility is determined by the Funding Agency (i.e., IDVR, WDVR, Regional Medicaid). When possible all referrals will be forwarded to the appropriate funding agency for eligibility determination.


Vocational Services

Work Search
Job Training
Supported Employment
Work Adjustment
Vocational Evaluation
Work Services

Satisfied Community Businesses

Employer Benefits

Pre-Screened Applicants
Long Term Supports
Reduced Payroll Costs
Reliable, Dependable Workers
Increased Employee Retention
Reduced Personal Concerns
On Site Training
Pre-Safety Training


Saving in Advertising