Opportunities Unlimited, Inc.  partners with Idaho and Washington Vocational Rehabilitation in order to provide job training and employment opportunities to people with physical, mental  health, or developmental disabilities and/or disadvantages.  Together with generous help from local businesses, we are able to place people in positions throughout the community, where they are able to earn a paycheck, and maintain their independence. 

Some people with disabilities are unable to maintain any employment in the community.  Our sheltered workshop provides a safe environment for those who are unable to have gainful employment in the community for various reasons.

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What can OUI do for you?





Stuffing Envelopes

Woodworking Projects


Crafts & Gifts

When you work with OUI you are helping yourself by increasing your probability & creating more efficient and effective business processes, this means money saved.

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Quality Service

Our goal is "Built-in-Quality," that is, prevention of defects at the building stage which will eliminate the inspecting time and will ensure quality goods and services at a great price for our customers.  We employ Work Skills Trainers that help us reach our "Built-in-Quality: goal.

Our Workforce

Our production shop is made up of adults with disabilities, physical, intellectual & emotional; But despite the disability, they have the enthusiasm, willingness, and drive to come back everyday, excited and ready to work.

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